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The OAHU USBC Association is the successor organization to the former OAHU USBC BA (OBA), the OAHU USBC WBA and the Greater Hawaii USBC Youth . The newly merged organization became August 1, 2018.


The OAHU USBC is a 501(c)(3) chartered in May 2006. The new *merged* Association Number is 86771.

We are an organization whose mission is to uphold the standards of tenpins on OAHU, HI and to inform, educate and service all bowlers. We work in partnership to protect the future of bowling and ensure the integrity of our sport. Providing programs and services to our members while enhancing their bowling experience is our number one goal.


ICYMI: USBC just sent out an email with an FAQ for leagues, tournaments, and associations in regards to the COVID19 concerns. Please be sure to take a look at these questions for guidance in any decisions your leagues may take or issues they bring up.

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Oahu USBC Association Members who register for a free membership to the website will receive updates, including tournament information/oil patterns, pertinent news, general membership meeting details, and more. Stay informed and up-to-date!




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(the additional .50 fee is to be transferred to the Hawaii State Bowling Association (HSBA) who will be giving it to the Pepsi Tournament the HSBA runs.)


Effective August 1st, 2019, bowlers over the age of 18 who bowl with bowlers 17 years of age and under in a certified USBC league must complete SafeSport Training. The course is only offered online and is free—the time commitment is an average of two (2) hours. This must be completed every year by every bowler 18 and over as long as you have a bowler 17 years of age and younger.

What is the difference between SafeSport Training and RVP Compliance?

SafeSport Training encompasses only the free training provided for USBC on behalf of SafeSport. SafeSport Training is valid for one (1) year after completion.

RVP Compliance requires an additional fee for a background check, which is valid for two (2) years; SafeSport Training must still be done yearly. All Oahu USBC Board of Directors must be RVP Compliant; we also encourage all Youth Program Coaches / Coordinators (i.e. those who come in contact with Youth Bowlers and their parents on regular basis) to become RVP Compliant.

Please use the average listed in the above document for your Oahu USBC Tournament Entry Forms if your name is listed.




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